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The United States is becoming increasingly diverse and the world increasingly globalized.


The central focus of the course is on the links between diversity and psychological processes at individual, interpersonal, and international levels.


We consider several basic questions, including:

What is diversity?

How do race, nationality, and religion influence individuals?

What impact does diversity have on cross-group relationships?

How is diversity related to people's perceptions of fairness and justice?

What is the relevance of people's perceptions of fairness and justice to social problems and social change?

Does respect for diversity promote peace and positive change?


Much research has addressed these questions, and we closely examine the evidence that has emerged so far.

Harvard University 2014 | PSYC S-1507

"In this globalized world of ours, an understanding of diversity – how we instinctively view and feel about others who are different from us, and vice-versa - is essential.

Prof Weissmark brings light to the subject matter from various angles.

Participants go away with a better understanding of themselves and those around them."  

Harvard University 2011 | PSYC S-1507

"Professor Weissmark's course on the psychology of diversity gave me the knowledge to better interpret human behavior and the compassion to understand how to work with people around the complex issues of group identification and belonging.

The inspiration I have taken from the professor and her life work and the insights I have gained in the course have served my work and personal life immeasurably." 

Harvard University 2009 | PSYC S-1507

"Dr. Weissmark lives and breathes this course. Her personal history and desire to build bridges of understanding are at the core of this course. She practices what she preaches, and embodies all that she teaches. I feel extremely privileged to have taken this course and to have had the opportunity to learn from her."

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