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Mitchell, Louis H (Fall 2023)

Mitchell, Louis H (Fall 2023)

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Hans Onome's Reflection on the Psychology of Diversity Course at Harvard University

Hans Onome's Reflection on the Psychology of Diversity Course at Harvard University

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Psychology of Diversity   Lekshmi Radhakrishnan   Testimonial

Psychology of Diversity Lekshmi Radhakrishnan Testimonial

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Harvard Students' Comments about Dr. Mona Sue Weissmark 

Harvard Summer School 2023

  • This is a life-changing course with excellent content. I feel better prepared in social science research, but also in being a better person. 

  • Explained the concept in an unbiased manner, and did not have an agenda in this course.

  • She was very understanding and lectured amazing on zoom! Would take a class with her again!

  • She was a guide who left my experience and interpretation up to me. NO agendas here.

  • She is an excellent lecturer and passionate champion for this topic.

  • Discussion facilitator more so than direct lecturer. Respected all thoughts and opinions.

  • Dr. Weissmark's integration of her lived and professional experiences helped to contextualize the course content

  • Dr. Weissmark was human. An expert in her field and well respected professor, yet she never came across as all knowing. She made each person feel valued and respected.

  • Dr. Weissmark was very even handed, fair and compassionate in her discussions about difficult topics.

  • Dr. Weissmark provided a very safe and intellectually fertile place for diverse opinions.

  • She was open and transparent with content. She facilitated helpful conversations

  • Lecture In each class she explained every topic very well.

  • Her extensive knowledge, perspective, and willingness to engage everyone in the class.

  • Her research in bringing people from different opinion together to help them understand each other better is really inspiring.

  • She actively listens and uses scientific thinking. She is empathetic.

  • She presented clear lectures and initiated fun in class discussions.

  • The topic psychology of diversity was interesting and appreciated the variety of topics of diversity that were covered.

  • Dr. Weissmark's lectures were concise and interesting.

  • Dr. Weissmark had a very warm, inclusive, and generous teaching style, which I think created an atmosphere of learning where students could speak openly and listen generously, even about difficult topics. I also especially appreciated her emphasis on practicing scientific thinking throughout the course, and will carry this learning with me outside of the class.

  • She shared her honest opinions with the class

  • I appreciated hearing Dr. Weissmark push students to hear their thinking. She didn't just accept their initial answers to questions, she dug in and always got them to dig deeper.

  • She was a wonderful example of what it takes to be a thoughtful, professional and objective researcher especially in an emotionally charged area. Her honesty about how to deal with separating your own experience from your research setting was immensely valuable.

  • She is genuinely interested in what students have to say and very open to new ideas.

  • Facilitate discussions in a way that was easily understandable

  • Dr. Weissmark's depth of knowledge, unique experiences, and approachability were extremely helpful to the learning experience. Her role in the class discussions were at a higher level.

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