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This is a life-changing course with excellent content. I feel better prepared in social science research, but also in being a better person.    


The course “Psychology of Diversity” taught by Professor Mona Weissmark is one of the most remarkable classes I’ve taken at Harvard. In her class, she explores the concepts of diversity and inclusion in a manner that makes these ideas relevant not just for the work environment, but one’s everyday life. Her lectures are meticulously planned and her presentation style is one that makes the material for classes easy to comprehend and interesting to learn about. She encourages critical thinking and promotes learning through interaction and lively in-class discussions. She is absolutely passionate about the subject she teaches and this makes the class all the more enjoyable - indeed her teaching skills are next to none. In an ever-globalizing world, it's crucial, both ethically and practically, to develop an awareness and understanding of each other's differences. Her course has allowed me to appreciate how diversity is produced, unraveled, and enacted across social and cultural domains. But more than anything else, her class has enabled me to become a more reflective, self-aware, and responsible individual by recognizing the vast multiplicity of human experience. Having taken this class, I certainly have come away viewing and appreciating diversity in a whole new way!"    


Professor Weissmark's course on the psychology of diversity gave me the knowledge to better interpret human behavior and the compassion to understand how to work with people around the complex issues of group identification and belonging. The inspiration I have taken from the professor and her life work and the insights I have gained in the course have served my work and personal life immeasurably.    


The course 'Psychology of Diversity' is truly inspiring. A solution-oriented, thought-provoking learning that Prof.Weissmark embodies herself. An expert collaborator, guide, extremely professional and warm person, it is delightful to learn and work with her. Having taken the course and worked on some projects together, throws light on her inner journey; one that required courage, resilience and passion. In the course, she brings her learning to the table, in easy to understand and well planned sessions, while seamlessly working with her team of teaching fellows. The course helped me apply the learning at many levels personally and professionally, while bringing a new level of understanding about the challenge, the world faces today. I would absolutely recommend the course to fellow professionals and co-learners.  


As a mental health professional, I use the concepts and language of the Psychology of Diversity course on a daily basis in order to inform my understanding of the people I work with, their histories, and the environments that have influenced them. I have served in Professor Weissmark's course as a teaching assistant because I believe in the course's mission: to educate and provide a broadening forum for diversity issues that focuses on learning and not proving one side right or wrong.  


In this globalized world of ours, an understanding of diversity – how we instinctively view and feel about others who are different from us, and vice-versa - is essential. Prof Weissmark brings light to the subject matter from various angles. Participants go away with a better understanding of themselves and those around them.  


I would recommend everyone interested in gaining practical insight into psychological diversity to take her class — it was a blast.  


Dr. Weissmark is a heroine in my view. She is the perfect representation of one who can reconcile people from different walks of life whose ancestor were either victim of unjust treatment or whose ancestor induced violence. Unequivocally, Dr. Weissmark is an excellent professor. With that said, I encourage serious students to take her course. Keep in mind; you will find her to be highly informative but yet challenging. Hence, I know that you will leave her course with a vast knowledge of "Psychology of Diversity."  


Dr. Weissmark responds to emails promptly. She takes the initiative to reach out to her students to learn about their concerns. For instance, she took the time out of her busy schedule to email me on a few occasions with regards to voicing my concerns. On another occasion, she took the time to return my phone call to aid my concerns. In truth, she must go down in history as the most concerned professor at Harvard University.  


Dr. Mona Weissmark is the best professor that I have ever had at Harvard University. Her teaching is precise and concise. I profoundly enjoyed her methodical teaching style. In every class session, she always conveys a PowerPoint presentation. Her teachings are amazingly insightful. As a matter of fact, I enjoy her teachings so much that I purchased two of her amazing books. One is entitled "Legacies of the Holocaust and World War II: Justice Matters". In all sincerity, that is the best book that I have ever read in my entire life. The other book is entitled "Doing Psychotherapy Effectively". She is so passionate about teaching " Diversity of Psychology", that she always post scholarly sources on her tweeter page. Hence, I know that she is sincerely passionate about teaching.  


I took Psychology of Diversity with Professor Weissmark at Harvard Summer School in 2013. She is a kind-hearted and loving professor who knows her materials very well. A quick Google search tells you that she is highly accomplished in her field. Just make sure you do the readings, review lecture notes, and peer review your midterm and final paper  


Professor Weissmark is professional in her teaching and shares her knowledge selflessly. Her lectures were intellectual and enlightening as well as fun. The pacing of her lectures were properly scheduled to kept my interest in the topics. She is also inspiring, humorous and witty in her lectures. It is an amazing journey for the course PSYC-E 1507.  


What is amazing is Prof. Weissmark’s ability to facilitate a discussion. She asks some very thought-provoking questions and really stimulates a conversation. The midterm and final paper were interesting research for us, although it took a bit of time. No textbook, required reading, or exams.  


Professor Weissmark is a great professor who is invested in creating learning-friendly environment open to discussion and exploration. She is a fair grader and excellent lecturer as well. I would recommend everyone interested in gaining practical insight into psychological diversity to take her class -it was a blast.  


After taking Prof. Weissmark's class, I found I had a foundational knowledge that propelled my interest in diversity and multiculturalism into graduate school. I am now pursuing the subject matter in my professional life. This class helped start me on this path.  


Prof Weissmark has opened my eyes to see the world in a whole new perspective. She is inspiring with her openness! Her class is super interesting and we always ran out of time! There is just so much to talk about!  


Professor Weissmark is extremely clear in her  teachings, and brings the theme and message of the class across very well. This is a life-changing course for many of its alumni and it offers a fresh pair of lenses to view the world with. I highly recommend this course.        


I've never attended a class that is so engaging and interactive... even in an actual classroom! Professor Weissmark and her teaching fellows created an environment through digital learning that has surpassed any in-class experience I've had in terms of interactivity. We were able to learn through discussion and dialogue. Course content was reinforced through engaging articles and films that allowed us to see theories in real-world situations. Because of the learning style, I feel I've retained much more information and have a better grasp on how it affects the world around me.


I believe everyone and their grandmother should take this course. In all seriousness, this has been such a positive and restorative course in terms of understanding ourselves as human beings and providing insight into the world we live in, but also as to how we can take that knowledge and apply it to help our society evolve. It's so important to understand the why and the how behind our thoughts, feelings and behaviors and it is this critical information that helps us to process and deal with the world we live in. This course will broaden your horizons and restore your faith in our ability to create a better tomorrow.  


I have already recommended this course to several people. It is life changing. Up until this course, I never gave thought to taking a scientific approach to diversity. One specific example I have experienced, but unable to explain is Dr. Weissmark's research on justice on intergenerational. I now have insight into what research suggests about this theory.  


Some amazing research is shared, the course opens the mind and heart. I went to this course thinking I will learn about diversity and I was surprised that I didn't just learn it but lived it with the professor, the assistants and the classmates. MIND, LIFE, AND PERSPECTIVE Professor Mona is amazing, caring and honestly cares about her students.   


Dr. Weissmark lives and breathes this course. Her personal history and desire to build bridges of understanding is at the core of this course. She practices what she preaches, and embodies all that she teaches. I feel extremely privileged to have taken this course and to have had the opportunity to learn from her.

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