The Science of Diversity® method is designed to help organizations create a culture of belonging and inclusion.    


What makes the Science of Diversity® method so unique?

How is the method different?


It does not promote an agenda.


Most diversity approaches have an agenda, sometimes, overt, more often hidden. Conversations on diversity, therefore, often end up being debates, arguments, and political.   


By contrast, our approach is designed to facilitate meaningful conversations between divergent views on difficult issues and foster understanding through creating common discourse.  


What is the outcome?


Data from over 20 years of evaluations show that the method is effective. Clients report connecting at a different level by meaningful facilitated conversations that make room for multiple perspectives.


What do we offer?


  • Supervision

  • Workshops

  • HR Training

  • Presentations

  • Facilitator Development

  • Customized Consultations

  • Certification Programs for HR Practitioners


We offer all services online or in person.


Based on scientific facts rather than opinions
Foundational Knowledge
It makes a difference for the better
Opened to ideas

‘The session was thought-provoking, enlightening, and very moving. The work they do is different from everything I’ve experienced in the Diversity space, it triggers deeper reflection on an engaging and impartial way. Our members were excited and were able to connect to the topic in a more human and honest level.’

Flavia Moreira 

Talent Business Lead & Employee Resource Group Lead at GSK - GlaxoSmithKline


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We are a multicultural team of social scientists, trained to run facilitated dialogues on diversity in the workplace and beyond.

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